by Moon Dogs

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released January 12, 2019

Bass - Cedar
Drums - Shanna
Guitar & Vocals - Jesse
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Ash Blackwater at Five Miles From Nowhere in March and April of 2018


all rights reserved



Moon Dogs Duluth, Minnesota

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Track Name: Let Them Go
Don't say you'll harbor me
Within your heart
Because things they never change for me, oh no

I wanna find some peace of mind this time
Wide-eyed, so high on all the lies and the whys
I've gotta let it go
Won't hold me back

I will let them go
All the weights that are in my soul
A name carved into bone and a mailbox left alone

If I die in the night
Bury me in the morning
Because I need to feel the light before I leave you
Track Name: Fault Lines
You know I was waiting on your call
I've said my piece and I'll wait a week
It's all about you isn't it?
I'm just one of you little conveniences
But how much of it is my fault?
I never should have expected anything at all

I hope you can forgive yourself
I know you know you fucked up back then
But this heart can't damn you for
These wounds, begrudging eyes have no use
But how much of it is my fault?
I never should have said anything at all

I was never sure of anything at all
Track Name: Talkers
Hold the awful in it's all you've got left
Never wasting a second of your day
Just keep moving until you are dead
Giving truth to the words that they said

They said you were never worth it
They said you should be perfect
They said that "They said..." until you are dead

Hold the awful in it's all you've got left
Fear nothing but what comes at the end
Whether it's nothing or everything at all
Say a prayer as you drive to the mall

They said, "Our lord will light the way."
They said, "There's nothing anyway..."
They said that "They said..." until you are dead
Track Name: Waiting
Can you hear me?
I'm fucking dying like the rest of them
In silence

We've been waiting
For answers
To all the cancers
And profit's laughter

Where, oh where oh where
Can you hide when the fire goes burning out?
Where, oh where oh where
Can you hide when the hope in your heart turns to doubt?

Please, believe me!
You know I'm trying to find the truth in here
Eyes wide and spaceless

We've been wasting our eyes looking
Forever outwards when homes within
Track Name: The Desert
Sunrise breaks the window
I hear the whispers of the morning
Eyes are open, mind is moving
But what should I do now?

I told you how I'm feeling
In the shade of the evening
and to the west you'll be leaving
So what should I do now?

The desert will take you away
But at least you hear what I wanted to say
The desert will hold you in
It will keep you from what could have been

Moonlight breaks the window
I am whisper in the streetlight
And it's hard to be all alone
When ya don't know where to go
Where should I go?
Track Name: Cold Hands
Awake in the night
Cold Hands grip tight

Inside of your mind
A darkness grows
Begging you to break
And feed the demons when you wake

There's a man outside the window
Then he melts like winter snow
The lack inside could take your life
Just tell yourself this is the last time

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